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What's this?


The Digital Weekend is designed to give you the tools you need as artists and educators to transition into online business successfully. Our 2-day, 6-session weekend answers questions like:

How do I livestream with clear sound and visuals?

How do I set up an online course?

How do I market myself online? Social media SOS!

My PC is always giving me trouble with Zoom - what now?

and many more! 

Check one out, or come for them all! Your ticket includes all workshops.

You will also be able to sign up for a 10-minute consultation with our Social Media/Branding educators over the course of the weekend to help you up our game! 

The early evenings are devoted to building your network online, and getting your voice heard at the WJA's AGM! Have a say in our next steps and foster your community!


Our full schedule for the weekend is as follows:


Saturday Dec. 5th


11am-12:30pm | Optimizing Your PC for Zoom with Terry Hoffman


1:00-2:30pm | Creating an Online Course with Jodi Proznick and Amanda Tosoff


3:00-4:30pm | Online Marketing and Branding 101 with Natalia Pardalis


5:00-6:30pm | Digital Mixer hosted by WIJA chair Jessica Heaven  

Sunday Dec. 6th

11am-12:30pm | One-on-one consultations with Jessica Heaven

1:00-2:30pm | Streaming and Home Recording Basics with Liam White

3:00-4:30pm | Grant Writing 101 with Kristin Cheung 

5:00-6:30pm | WIJA AGM - join us for our end-of-year wrap up! Featuring a review of 2020's activities, a 2021 forecast, and opportunities to get involved with WIJA.


Supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia.

SAT | 11AM

Optimizing Your PC for Zoom

Everyone is turning to Zoom -- you can too! This presentation will be a useful overview of the operational and technical approaches to using the Zoom application. We will look at how to get started, some best practices regarding equipment you will need, as well as practical approaches to teaching and getting good results. Although we won't have time to troubleshoot individual problems with computers and systems, you will be provided with resource links to websites and online groups that can provide information and community support. Session hosted by educator and music therapist Terry Hoffman.

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Online Marketing and Branding

Discover the power of branding behind marketing. Let your branding sell for you so you don’t have to sell your music. 
Digital Marketing drives our world in the 21st Century, especially during Covid 19, so it is necessary to understand your brand voice, your core values, and then understand who your customers (yes ultimately your fans are your customers) and the problems they are facing. It is also important to understand how, where, and when to distribute content in order to have them convert action. Natalia Pardalis has over 19 years experience in marketing in music, non-profit, hospitality industry, travel, and corporate world.  

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SUN | 11AM

Private Consultations

One-on-One consultations/meeting with Jessica Heaven. Speak to the Chair of our Board about your ideas, what you'd like to see or hacks to getting a project completed!



Grant Writing 101

Kristin Cheung (she/her) is a fundraiser with 10+ years of experience working in arts and non-profit organizations Metro Vancouver. She is the co-founder of ‘The Future is you and me’, a free community mentorship program for women of colour in the arts. Kristin has a Masters in Arts Administration & Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths University of London.

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Creating an Online Course

Join us as we interview Jodi Proznick from the the Music Arts Collective on how to build a successful online course! Jodi Proznick has earned a reputation as one of Canada’s finest jazz artists. She has won numerous National Jazz Awards, including Bassist of the Year in ’08 and ’09. As well as an extensive background as a jazz educator, Jodi was involved in teaching early childhood music classes for over 15 years. Her methodology included a combination of Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, Montessori and Suzuki philosophies of music education. Her areas of interest include arts-based research, embodied educational practices, attachment, phenomenology and creativity.

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Digital Mixer

Jessica Heaven will talk about some ways to form genuine connections over social media and begin networking authentically to build online communities without actually knowing them in person beforehand. Then she’ll encourage digital “icebreakers” so that you can practice with one another!



Streaming and Home Recording Basics

Liam White is a musician, recording engineer, and show and live-streaming technician based in Vancouver BC. He earned his diploma in Jazz Performance from Capilano University and is currently attending Capilano again in their Technical Theatre program. Having worked in the industry for several years and now adding to his credentials and experience through Capilano’s program, he is well versed in all things live show, streaming, and recording. Liam proudly identifies as bisexual. 

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The Annual General Meeting for WIJA and Sister Jazz is a great opportunity to hear about our future programming, and weigh in on what you'd like to see! Interested in getting involved with the board or a committee? Join us!