Raincity Blue: A Review

I had the pleasure of seeing their set at the Backstage Lounge! With Chantal that "ticks like a clock" on bass, Clare on soulful vocals, and Kaylar on a hearty-sounding sax, this band is bursting with talented women! Their drummer Jay and guitarist Ryley add to the sweet combo and together the band has a fun sound and a fantastic on-stage persona. The only downer of the night was looking around and seeing a very small crowd in attendance. I learened from my friend Kyle (of the band Mooshy Face) that the Backstage Lounge was closing for renovations, and apparently a stage for live music would not be included in its renovation plans - most people already thought the Lounge was closed, which explained why an extremely popular band like Raincity Blue would have a tiny audience. Raincity Blue made the best of it and opted to play original content, some off their upcoming album! Despite the small crowd, Raincity Blue still got them up and dancing and made it a great time - Clare even jumped off stage and cut a rug with a fellow who had been tearing up the dancefloor! This Saturday, January 20th, will be their album release party at the Wise - and guarantees an amazing night out!

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