Meet Our New Delegate From Seattle Women in Jazz!

It was a rainy evening, early September, shortly after I had launched the Sister Jazz Blog Facebook page, when I received a Facebook message request. Nou Dadoun had passed on the news about the newly formed Women in Jazz Association of BC and Sister Jazz the Blog Facebook page to Jessica Davis, who had in turn, messaged me. It's one of those rare moments in an organizers life where you feel like the universe listened to your pleas this time and sent you exactly what you had been needing. Jessica and I proceeded to have a lovely Facebook call in which we talked about her journey, my journey, our dreams for the organizations, and possible joint events! We are now the respective delegates for the Seattle Women in Jazz and Women in Jazz Association of BC. As such, I'd like to welcome Jessica Davis, and make the introduction.

Jessica Davis, the founder and executive director of Seattle Women in Jazz, has been an active member of the jazz scene in Seattle and beyond. In addition to serving on our board and running Seattle Women in Jazz, she is a concert producer and promoter, performer, journalist, and video producer/director. She graduated from the University of WA with a BA in Communications and has written for over 30 publications in the Seattle area. Jessica is also the producer/director of a documentary, currently in post-production, called “In Between the Raindrops,” that features interviews with music legends Quincy Jones, Clark Terry, and Ernestine Anderson, among others. She produced two successfully sold-out concerts, titled “Seattle Jazz Legends in Concert,” in conjunction with the documentary. Jessica has also been awarded grants from Seattle’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs and the Allied Arts Foundation. For more information about her organization, Seattle Women in Jazz, visit

Jessica also conducted several interviews for her feature-length documentary, "In Between the Raindrops". The documentary includes such artists as bassist Buddy Catlett (who toured with Quincy Jones, in addition to playing on Louis Armstrong's band for almost a decade and recording with Frank Sinatra on "Fly Me to the Moon"). Grammy Award-nominated vocalist Ernestine Anderson, Ronnie Pierce (who has been performing in Seattle for over 60 years and who has performed with everyone from the Mills Brothers to Ray Charles), drummer George Griffin (who performed with Jimi Hendrix, Etta James, and Lionel Hampton), keyboardist/vocalist Dave Holden (son of local jazz legend Oscar Holden), and Overton Berry (a mainstay in the Pacific Northwest for over 50 years). To see more footage, visit

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