Bukola is undeniable in her debut EP "The Chronicles of a Teenage Mind"

Photo by Rachel Pick

Recently hailed by the CBC as one of the Top 10 Soulful Female Artists in the 2020 CBC Searchlight competition, Bukola is a 19-year-old musician who blends the sounds of contemporary R&B and Jazz to create her own soulful sound. She’s influenced by artists such as India Arie, Daniel Caesar and H.E.R., and has been pursuing her dreams of becoming a professional musician since she was 9 years old. Bukola worked with Grammy Award-winning producer, Chin Injeti, and Juno Award-winning producer Ben Kaplan on her debut EP The Chronicles of A Teenage Mind, which is out now on all streaming platforms. Bukola is the recipient of WIJA's first microgrant in our "History in the Making" series.


1)What was the inspiration behind your EP "The Chronicles of a Teenage Mind" and what was the process like leading up to its release?

The inspiration behind the EP was my life and the things I was going through at the time :) All the songs were written during my teenage years and gives listeners a glimpse into my mind which is why I thought it was fitting to call the EP "The Chronicles of a Teenage Mind". The process was definitely an eventful one filled with a lot of ups and downs. I learned a lot making the EP and was very excited to finally put something out into the world after waiting for what felt like so long :)

2) What is your favourite song from it and why?

I think it's a tie between "Falling Deeper" and "Loving You". I wrote "Loving You" back in Grade 9 and I sing it at almost every show so I definitely have a little soft spot for it haha :) But I also really love "Falling Deeper" as it was such a fun song to write and I love the classic R&B sounds employed in its production which is all thanks to Chin Injeti :)

3) Who are your biggest influences as a songwriter and what is your songwriting process like?

Recently, I've been really into Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse and Rex Orange County :) My songwriting process usually begins with me with my guitar messing around with chords. From there, I find a melody and try to associate that with a topic or theme that's been on my mind.

Photo by Rachel Pick

4) What brings you the most joy in your musical life and when do you feel most loved?

What gives me the most joy in my musical life is when I see people enjoying my music when I perform. It's the sweetest feeling knowing people appreciate your music :) I would have to say that's also when I feel the most loved! When the audience shows you back the same love you're giving them when you're performing, it's like you're on cloud nine :)

5) Do you have any advice for young people of marginalized identities in the music scene?

Be undeniable. That's what my vocal coach always says :) Work on your craft everyday. Whether it be songwriting, playing an instrument, producing, singing or a combination of all of them, you gotta practice. Your hard work will make you really good at what you do. You'll be undeniable. When you're undeniable, people will have no choice but to pay attention to what you're doing :)

6) Where can we find you? And do you have any upcoming shows/projects you'd like to promote?

Yeah! All my social media is @bukolamusic :) except for my YouTube channel which is: Bukola Balogun. I'll be performing at the Shipyards Festival on September 25th in North Vancouver next! You're more than welcome to come out and say hi :)

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