Raincity Blue: A Review

I had the pleasure of seeing their set at the Backstage Lounge! With Chantal that "ticks like a clock" on bass, Clare on soulful vocals, and Kaylar on a hearty-sounding sax, this band is bursting with talented women! Their drummer Jay and guitarist Ryley add to the sweet combo and together the band has a fun sound and a fantastic on-stage persona. The only downer of the night was looking around and seeing a very small crowd in attendance. I learened from my friend Kyle (of the band Mooshy Face) that the Backstage Lounge was closing for renovations, and apparently a stage for live music would not be included in its renovation plans - most people already thought the Lounge was closed, which ex

The Birth of Sister Jazz

It is my pleasure to welcome our readers to the start of what I hope to be a scintillating blog for years to come! The Sister Jazz vision is a healthy jazz scene that empowers every individual and inspires community and audiences to throw themselves into the music! The blog aims to highlight the amazing musicians in our city and beyond who are making amazing music and building healthier jazz communities! If you'd like to get involved in the blog become a member of the Women in Jazz Association of British Columbia! If there's an artist you think we should highlight message us their links and details and a short blurb as to why you think they're important! Cheers!

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